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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Easter Parade

Cal has been one busy bunny!

He started the weekend off dyeing eggs (or watching Mommy dye eggs)

(he also tried to eat them)

He went to the farm with all of his grandparents to visit the Easter Bunny.  The bunny was tolerated, the animals in the petting zoo were not.

On Easter Sunday, he got a basket full of goodies and then went out to breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa L.

Then we went out to brunch (I guess it was linner at that point) and saw the Easter Bunny again with Aunt Britt.

Why are Eater Bunnies so damn creepy?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Day of Firsts

We like to do it up big around here, so we tackled first haircut and first food all in the span of 10 minutes.  Why a hair cut at 4 months you ask?  Behold "the chunk":

Cal was born with a chunk of hair that was thicker and longer than the rest.  While I think it is cute, it started to look a little bit like a comb over, so Daddy was tasked with the first haircut.

They both look a little unsure...
 Once the hair was taken care of, Daddy was rewarded for his scissor skills by giving Cal his first taste of "solid" food (if you can call liquid cereal a solid).

It went scalps were cut, no cereal was spit back at us, but man, is he growing up fast!

(And keeping with the theme of firsts, 13 years ago today was when Billy and I first started dating!)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

4 Month Stats (2 weeks late)

We had to delay Cal's 4 month well baby visit because he wasn't so well.  He did get weighed a measured at our first appointment, but they were unable to do any of his vaccinations.  He was finally well enough 2 weeks later, so back we went.  Despite his cold, Cal grew half an inch and gained almost a pound in those two weeks! 

At 4 months:
Weight: 16 lb, 4 oz (79%)
Height: 26 in (86%)

At 4 months and 2 weeks:
Weight: 17 lb, 2 oz (80%)
Height: 26.5 in (88%)

Feeling better and cuter than ever!