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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Movie Night!

I love the drive-in.  As a parent, I love the drive-in even more because I can take the kid and no one gives me the side eye.  It rocks.  As an added bonus, the drive-in we like to go to shows first run double features - 2 movies for the price of one!

Billy is particular about what movies we see at the drive-in.  Most action movies are out, because (evidently) the sound quality on our car radio sucks when compared to the surround sound in the theaters.  When the aliens blow up Earth, Billy wants to feel the BOOM.

We decided that Cal's first movie would be Cars 2.  Billy is a fan of the original Cars and was super excited to find out when I was pregnant that there would be a sequel.  We ended up taking two cars to the movie (they charge per person and not per vehicle) because the back of the truck is best to sit in, but it has no back seat.  It turned out pretty well though, because we could keep all of our stuff in my car and have all the back of the truck free for a crawling baby.

Playing with Daddy.

Very unimpressed with Mommy.


Watching th big kids play frisbee.

Enjoying a pre-movie snack in his jammies.
Cal feel asleep during the open credits.  He curled up right next to Mommy and stayed that way the entire time.  No drama, no fuss...just a perfect night with our little family.