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Monday, April 16, 2012

The Anatomy of a Tantrum

We have hit the tantrum phase.  I like to think that I am handling it well.  I have been remarkably calm when Cal flings himself to the ground in public.  Honestly, his tantrums are kind of funny, and I know that they have nothing to do with my parenting skills.  Cal lacks the vocabulary to tell me when he doesn't agree with me, so he shows his displeasure in another way.  It usually goes something like this:

Mommy: No Cal, you cannot throw all my baking dishes on the ground.

Stomps his feet and starts to cry...

...assumes the down dog while still crying...

...too emotional to support his own weight, collapses to the floor, still crying...

Why are you laughing and taking pictures of me Mom?  I am perfectly fine now.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

In his Easter bonnet...

Mommy really enjoyed having the week before Easter off!  The Easter basket was assembled and hidden, the bunny was visited, and eggs were hunted.  It was so nice to enjoy the holiday preparations together!

We went to Laurel Park Place to see the Easter Bunny.  I did a little price comparison of local bunnies, and found the photo packages to be almost identical, but Laurel Park had the added bonus of a $20 Shutterfly gift card.  Score!  Cal's reaction to the Easter Bunny was about the same as with Santa:  he was cool to look at, but sitting on his lap was akin to torture.  I didn't help that the people in front of us took forever and Cal was getting restless.  We got one good shot before the crying began.

After skipping out on the local egg hunt due to freezing temperatures, Cal and I decided to hit up the Toddler Egg Hunt at Kensington's Farm Center.  It was mostly kids 4 and under, which was nice.  They started a little late, so there were a bunch of unhappy toddlers who didn't understand why they couldn't go get eggs RIGHT NOW!  Cal managed to score 4 eggs filled with stickers before being distracted by the animals.  He happily "Ooooh"ed at the cows, pigs, horses and geese for a good half an hour.  A big change from last Easter, when he sobbed in the petting zoo barn.

(There are no pictures of the actual hunt because the point and shoot died after one picture, in which I cut off half of his body because trying to take pictures while chasing a toddler is HARD)

Trying to figure out how to cimb in there with the animals.

Still not sure if he was saying "Oooh!" or "Moo!"

Staring at the pigs.
Cal also hit up the Easter Egg Hunt at Fisk Farm with Aunt Britt and Lindsey and Reese.  I am told he had a little bit of a false start, and Aunt Britt had to duck under the ropes to grab him.  He didn't really get the purpose of the hunt, but he did enjoy playing with the eggs!
I hear the ocean! doesn't go in my ear?  I'll eat it then!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cal's Easter Basket

  1. Egg shaped sidewalk chalk - Target $1 bin
  2. Plastic boat (for the bathtub)
  3. Watering can (also for the bathtub)
  4. Board books
  5. Divided plates
  6. Bubble Mower (not actually in the basket)

Saturday, April 7, 2012


This kid loves to be outside.  A few weeks ago he was very tentative when set on the grass, now he takes off, smiling with glee at the breeze in his face. 

On Friday my parents were watching Cal and while he was there they had the boat put in the water. I got the following picture message:

Ready for a boat ride!
As soon as I was done with physical therapy (my last day - woot!) I headed over and we took the boat for the first voyage of 2012.  What a difference a year makes - Cal no longer hates his life jacket!  Don't let the serious face fool you - once we got moving and I held him up so he could see, he was happy as can be.  He was even calm when the warning bell started to ring, the engine started to smoke and Grandpa yelled "Fire!" while Mommy scrambled for the fire extinguisher.  That's right - fire.  We were able to hail some (drunk) fishermen to tow us back to our dock.  Guess ride #2 will have to wait for a while. 

I HATE this hat.

After the aborted boat ride, Cal and I stopped at Marshbank Park.  I had watched the renovations over the past year, but had not yet gone in to take a look.  They have a great playscape, complete with a toddler structure and squishy rubber turf.  Cal loved the steering wheels (big surprise!)

Playing peekaboo.