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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Big Boy Tubbing

Inspired by our recent success at swim lessons, I decided it was time for Cal to experience the big boy tub.  I had been holding off due to the state of our bathtub.  I could never get it clean (read: white).  Finally, it was pointed out that I had scrubbed and bleached it like crazy - it was clean, but it was also old.  It will never be white (unless I replace it...which Billy won't let me do.)  So after one last scrub (to fully convince myself it was indeed clean), I went to the store for a new bath mat and drain plug.  I pulled out some of the bath toys we got at our shower, and started to fill the tub.

Fun bath fact: Cal loves bathtime so much that he had a complete meltdown when I took him into his room to undress.  We're talking hysterical crying, limp body, inconsolable.  Once I let him back into the bathroom?  All smiles and giggles.

He seemed a little unsure of all the space and freedom.  When he wanted to move from one spot to another, he kind of skittered - all four apendages in contact with the ground at all times.  He did love the stacking cups though, and prefers when the tap is on so he can fill his cups. 

I let bath go on for about 20 minutes longer than normal and when I finally emptied the tub there was another meltdown.  Ever tried to get a limp, wet toddler out of a tub?  Not fun.

See that nasty looking drain? I promise it is clean.

Friday, February 24, 2012

A Long Weekend!

Mommy had a long weekend, so we were able to have lots of adventures!

On Thursday, I was able to join Cal and Grandma at their weekly Tumbling Toddlers class.  Like swim lessons, Cal prefers independent play to group activities, but there is so much cool stuff for him to do.  The instructor is a parent from my school and I have worked with/taught three of her kids (and they are all awesome and polite).

Doing stretches with Mommy.

Cal's favorite part: the toy cars.

The belly kills me!


Very serious about the rings.

After that, we stopped by the salon that I had my hair cut at as a kid (and teenager...pretty much until I got married), for Cal's first real haircut.  We have done a few trims at home, but we are NOT stylists.  Leslie has been cutting my family's hair for a long time - she even did Aunt Britt's first haircut!

Blue Steel

As a reward for being such a big boy, Cal and I walked down the street and split a small vanilla at DQ.

I got brain freeze trying to keep pace with him.
On Friday, Cal and I made a run to Target - you know, for essentials.  I started stocking up on summer clothes and Easter basket goodies.

Does this headband make me look girly?
 We tried mac and cheese with turkey dogs for dinner, but someone wasn't a fan.

The dogs enjoyed the buffet.  Seriously - how does one have a toddler without a dog?

The cupcake from the birthday celebration at daycare got a much warmer reception:

This is delicious! Why do you not feed me this everyday?

 It was a fantastic two days - and it's only Friday!  We still have the whole real weekend to go.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bath Time

Cal loves water any way it comes - from the big pool to the small bath!  We still use a small inflatable duck tub inside the regular tub, because our tub no longer has a drain stopper. (::adds that to shopping list::)  He gets so excited when we turn on the water and will climb in fully clothed if we don't stop him. 

Don't mind the apparent nastiness of my tub.  I promise it has been scrubbed within an inch of its life.  It's just old.

This?  Doesn't even phase him anymore.

Still happy post bath!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Swim Lessons = Good Naps

Cal continues to love swim lessons.  He is very adventurous and thinks he can swim on his own.

Trying to swim away from Daddy.

Loving the pool!

Shower time!
 Last week, Cal fell asleep on the way home from class.  It was about 2 hours earlier than his usual nap time, and we figured he would wake up when we took him out of the car like normal.  No dice.  He didn't even stir while Daddy carried him into the house and laid him down on the couch.  He stayed there for almost 45 minutes!  Swimming is hard work.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Here we go again.

Last year, I sat in the kitchen on the eve of Valentine's Day wondering what the heck I was doing as I signed my 10 week old child's name to a pile of Valentine cards. This year, I decided to take the insanity a step further, by making marbled heart shaped crayons for each child based on a Pinterest idea.  I think I made about 8 dozen crayons between Cal's daycare class and the Stupid Cupid valentine exchange my mom's group did.  I actually enjoyed it, although peeling the paper off the crayons is something I could do without.  I think I still have wax under my nails. 

The process was super easy:  peel paper off crayons, break into pieces and place in the mold.  Heat it in the oven at 250 for 15 minutes, then cool in the freezer.  It took about 30 minutes for each batch, and I made them over several days.

Daycare valentines ready to go! (Mugs are for the teachers)

A close-up.
All said and done, the crayons for 16 kids at daycare plus the six I sent to friends across the country cost me less than $10.  I bought three 48 count crayon boxes at the dollar store and the mold was a silicone ice cube tray I bought at Ikea 6 six months ago for a few bucks.  Add in the baggies and paper toppers, and it was a fairly easy valentine that can actually be used.

Cal got some super cute Valentines in return.  Here are the ones from his class:

Daddy and Cal ate the goldfish and chocolate on the way home from school.
 These are the cards from his buddies in my mom's group.  He also got crayons, magnets and some really yummy candy.

Finally, a picture of my valentine:

Monday, February 6, 2012

Shoe Thief

I called my dad while he was watching Cal the other day.  I asked how the kid was doing and my dad said "Your mother left her closet open.  He's in heaven."  The kid loves playing with shoes.  His favorite spot in our bedroom is the closet, where he pulls all of my shoes off the rack and laughs at the mess he made.  He is partial to sneakers, as the laces make a very good device for carrying them around. 

Over the weekend, I spent a solid 30 minutes watching Cal move a bunch of mine and Billy's shoes around the house.  First, he carried them one at a time to the coffee table.  Then I turned around and saw this:

A few minutes later:

Who needs toys?  I wonder where I will find them next. (My prediction: the bathtub)