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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pool Time!

Daddy missed out on our first trip to the wave pool so we went back for an encore.  Cal loved splashing in the kiddie pool and even tried a trip down the little water slide! 

Rooster tail!

Playing with Daddy!

In the wave pool with Mommy!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

We are so in trouble...

We have put away the toy kitchen...and the side table...but we forgot the empty box of dog treats waiting to go out to the recycling bin.  He is one smart little fella.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Making Momma Proud

I think I'll keep him...he likes to clean more than I do!

... if only I could keep him from using his milk to Pollack the back of the island.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Fair

There is something special about a county fair.  The fried food, the livestock, the deliciouly redneck entertainment of a dirt track demolition derby...

I could be snobby and say the the dust, smell and, um, let's just say interesting people are not for me, but the truth is that I love it!  Please don't tell my in-laws.  I like to make them think it is a sacrifice for me :)

Last year, Cal was too young to properly enjoy the fair, but this year he had a blast.  He rode pretty much every ride he was tall enough for and I loved seeing the happy surprise on his face when the rides started to move.
Heaven with a steering wheel!

Look at that face!

Bounce House!

Choo Choo!

He also loved the fair food, enjoying a well-balanced meal of fries, breadsticks and some of Grandpa's elephant ear.  He and Daddy also shared a chocolate sundae.  Me?  I had a perfectly crispy corn dog and a fried Twinkie.  When in Rome...

We have been reading a lot about animals lately and have been working on their noises.  Boy was Cal excited to see a cow! 


Mooo! Cow! Mooo!

"Doggie?" - Cal thinks all goats are dogs. 

He also loved the tractor.  It is so cool to see him connect something from a book to the real world.

The highlight of the night was the dirt track figure 8 races and demolition derby.  It is really fun to watch.  Cal kept saying "Oh wow!" when the cars would crash.

Yes - it really is that awesome in person.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pool Party!

A few weeks ago we attended the third birthday party for my friend Mandy's daughter Natalie.  It was held at the community pool and fitness center I work part time for.  I had never been a guest during a party, so it was a little different for me. 

The party room has large windows that look over the pool and, despite the enticements of pizza, juice boxes and ice cream cake, Cal spent the first part of the party glued to the glass, pounding in it and yelling "Water!"  He was really excited to go in and had a blast.

Getting some air!
Although I am not fond of pictures of me in a bathing suit, I love these pictures of me and Cal.  All too often I am behind the camera.  Don't want my kid thinking Mommy was never there...

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Water Baby

Oh the perks of being a teacher!  Even though I am working a ton this summer, my summer school schedule means that I am done around noon every day.  Last week, Cal and I met up with a few teacher friends and their kids at Waterford Oaks. It's no Schlitterbahn, but it is local and was perfect for our kids ranging from 4 months to 10 years.  The toddlers spent most of the time in the kiddie pool. It has a zero depth entry, water squirters, a play structure and a large dumping bucket. 

Scoping out the pool.

Getting braver...

Playing with all of the fun toys!
Cal was tentative at first, but pretty soon he was up to his chest and splashing around.  He was a little pissed when we took a snack break.  However, he perked right up when one of the other teachers gave him a chocolate chip cookie!

Thanks for the cookie Miss Heather!
Before we left, I took Cal in the big wave pool. He had been eyeing it all day, and with our trip to the beach only a week away, I was curious to see how he would handle the waves.  He loved it!  There was zero fear.  He kept walking until he could no longer touch and giggled every time a wave would upset his balance.  I am sure I gave a few lifeguards heart attacks when I let him attempt to regain his own footing before I gave him a hand.  I want him to be confident in the water and not freak out every time he gets his face wet or goes under.

I didn't even think twice about taking him to such a big place solo, but it was a bummer to not be able to get good pictures.  Hopefully next time Daddy can join us!