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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy Place

The condo has always been my happy place.  From my first trip at 10 years old until this very day, I get this sense of peace and calm as soon as I cruise past the 45th Parallel.  I think a lot of it has to do with tradition - tradition makes me happy.  I like the ritual of going to the same places, the crazy chaos of a family that is twice as big now as when we first got the place.  The two twin beds in the small bedroom have been replaced with two sets of triple bunks - and even those are full.  We fight over bathrooms and there are bodies everywhere at night, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

This year marked Cal's third post-Christmas trip to the condo.  Daddy stayed home to work, but Cal and I crept through a snow storm to pick up our companions for the ride: my cousins Caitlin and Charlotte, and Charlotte's friend Rachel (whom we love so much, she has been Cal's only non-family babysitter).  While I'd much rather be a passenger than the driver, the ride wasn't bad.

It was a few days of low key fun. I hit the slopes and Cal went sledding.  We read lots of books, watched lots of movies and at lots of food.  I discovered that Cal will eat perch and calamari!  Cal got some quality guy time with Benny, Dom and Joe while I went to the movies to see Les Mis. 

Reading in Grandma's chair with Dom. 

Getting all bundled up.


Too cute!

Even Grandpa got in on the action!
Checking out the skiiers.

This year also marked Malone's first trip to the condo.  She and I enjoyed some quality time together while everyone else was out.

Book. Baby snuggles.  Happy Place.  Life is good.

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